I have always been a fan of computer graphics, visual effects and animation since I was a child. When I got my Nintendo in 1986 I immediately starting playing games. One of my favorite games at the time was Mike Tyson's Punch Out! Oh, the memories! This kept my interests and imagination going for years to come.

What made me want to make this a career was during Thanksgiving break 1999. I had just bought a Playstation and had quickly finished playing Final Fantasy VII. I had always enjoyed playing RPG's (role playing games) because of the story lines so when someone recommended Metal Gear Solid 2. At first I was about to give up on it because of the lack of action, but I kept at it and was smitten! This game was all about tactics. Even better was the stop in gameplay to show some animation. This is called a cinematic. Thus, I had found my dream job. To do cinematics in video games. After I beat the game, I started doing research on how to get into the computer graphics industry and started learning all the 3D applications. After graduating from the University of Missouri, where I majored in Computer Science, I moved to Los Angeles to begin my CG career.

I had already loved animation, science fiction, anthropomorphism and cinematics was my calling. My goal is to create my own CG films. Storytelling is a great way of expressing oneself and captivating an audience and that's what I plan on doing. One brand I'm working is Squrl Animation a computer graphics company that is under development as is another brand BLARVEL. Stay tuned.